Growth of streaming causing Netflix’s potential downfall


Netflix Inc.

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Caden Harsh, Staff Writer

Once upon time, Netflix was a DVD rental site that would ship movies in the mail. Then it moved to streaming, and eventually it became a major entertainment company, creating its own original programming.

The streaming service industry has been dominated by Netflix for quite some time. But the recent popularity of streaming has given rise to new companies.

Hulu is another large streaming service that offers its own selection of movies and TV. And more and more services have started to appear, from Amazon Prime Video to Disney+. But what does that mean for Netflix?

Netflix was one of the first, but everyone has seen some of their favorite shows and movies taken down from Netflix because now they’re on another service. Netflix’s selection has shrunken over time as these other companies are growing in popularity.

Netflix itself is considered overpriced by many who have found better deals with the other streaming services. And with the number of shows dwindling, people don’t want to pay a lot of money for fewer options. So this could mark the eventual downfall of Netflix.

As of now, Netflix still remains one of the top streaming services for Americans, but many more options are starting to appear. Netflix very well could find it difficult to compete in the growing industry as now competition is increasing greatly.

The streaming industry is rapidly growing. Viewers have watched VHS tapes go out of style, and soon DVD will follow. In the streaming world, will one company rise to the top, or will it be a battle for popularity between them?