Traud picks up best actress nomination for Kelly Awards


Nick Pouch

Senior Morgan Traud played the title role in the spring musical, “Mame.”

Nick Pouch and Flynn Travers

Already stressed as she took the AP Spanish exam today, senior Morgan Traud watched the clock hit 9 a.m., knowing that the Gene Kelly Award nominations were being announced on KDKA-TV and she was unable to watch.

It turns out that Traud missed the live announcement of some great news: She has been nominated for best actress for her performance in Baldwin’s production of Mame.

“I was disappointed that I was going to miss it,” Traud said of the live announcement. “I was anxious since everyone knew and I didn’t.”

Around 1 p.m., after finishing the AP exam, Traud and fellow cast member Logan Snyder got on their phones and went to the Pittsburgh CLO website to check the nominations.

“Logan and I both looked on our phones to see the nominations and I was and still am super excited to see I was nominated,” Traud said.

Senior Sarah Doran said she had been confident that Traud would get a nomination.

“Morgan was literally phenomenal in the production. She worked so hard during rehearsal and rarely took a break,” Doran said.

Traud was nominated for the same award during her sophomore year and is excited to get to experience this again.

“This a great way to close out my senior year, being able to attend the awards as a nominee. I am excited to meet the other actresses and be a part of the award ceremony,” Traud said.

Mame also got nominated for best scenic design.

“I am super proud of the show and everything we were able to accomplish,” said Traud, who will attend Long Island University Post for musical theater.

The Gene Kelly Awards ceremony is May 25.