Marvel newbies will still be able to enjoy the new Avengers movie


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The new Avengers movie wraps up phase three of the Marvel cinematic universe.

Evan Haggerty, Staff Writer

With the hot new Avengers movie hitting theaters, film fanatics everywhere are clamoring to buy their tickets and see the epic conclusion to the 21 films of the Marvel cinematic universe.

While many Marvel fans have watched each movie in the series, it is not essential to have watched 11 years’ worth of films to enjoy the new Avengers: Endgame. Even someone who has never seen a Marvel movie would be able to understand and enjoy Endgame.

The levels of complexity of the average Marvel movie are low enough that anyone walking into the theater will understand most everything in the film.

Characters like Spider-Man and The Hulk are ingrained enough in popular culture that they don’t require much introduction for the average audience. The lesser-known superheroes, like Doctor Strange and Black Panther, only take a few minutes to establish to the audience.

This, combined with relatively simple plot lines and flashy action sequences, make any Marvel movie appealing to even the most disinterested of audiences.

Although Endgame is the culmination of 11 years of cinematic history, it is enough of its own self-contained story that it could be enjoyed without having watched the previous 21 movies.

All anyone needs to know going into the film is that Endgame is the continuation of the previous film, Infinity War. In that movie, the Avengers fought the alien titan, Thanos, and his plans to exterminate half of all life in the universe. At most, first-time viewers could watch Infinity War to better understand the plot.

However, many references to past movies and most of the culminating character development moments will be lost on first-time viewers.

Many of the heroes in the Avengers have been around for years, with several movies’ worth of character arcs. Longtime fans will surely get more out of the movie simply because they have followed these characters for years.

Whether viewers have been watching Marvel movies since the very beginning with Iron Man in 2008, or whether they have just started watching, or are somewhere in between, Avengers: Endgame can be enjoyed by all.