Fashion gets groovy again

Sarah Watkins, Staff Writer

In contrast to those dark, gloomy days of winter, this year’s spring trends are nothing but bright. From bright colors to down-to-earth patterns, this season is full of statement looks.
Nostalgic pieces are slowly being incorporated into more and more runways. The two biggest decades channeled this season have been the 1970s and 1980s.
From the ’70s, designers like Calvin Klein have reinvented and restyled tie-dye in a classic way. T-shirts, dresses and even pants are inspired by the free-spirited vibe of that decade. Tie-dye has become a unisex trend for the 2019 season.
Also from the ’70s come crochet and fishnet embellishments and vests that give off a light, airy feel of the era.
Senior Gianna Teter is excited about the trend. She describes it as an “old-timey, do-it-yourself vibe.”
Fast forwarding a decade, the ’80s have really taken a role in modern fashion.
A trend that is making a big comeback from the early years is animal print. Most remember it in the hideous neon backdrops it used to be seen on, but now it’s coming back with its neutral colors.
In the spectrum of men’s fashion, stone-washed denim is returning with modern details such as rips and circle zips.
They’re definitely not your dad’s jeans.
Senior Logan Snyder feels neutral about the subject.
“I feel like at this point they’ve become a staple in most wardrobes,” he said.
The vibrant colors of the decades have also been resurfacing in fun shades of neon. This trend was made most popular by Kim Kardashian, who was seen wearing anything and everything in the shade of chartreuse.
Now the most popular trend of 2019 so far has been e-girl fashion. E-girl is a shortened version of emo girl, and the style is a reinvention of the formally cringey fashion of 2007.
Most likely an “e-girl” is seen wearing more gothic clothing, such as black and white striped shirts under a band T-shirt and ripped jeans.
The style is unisex, and there are many men who flaunt it.
There are many types of outfits that can be classified as having an “e-boy” look, but it is most typically seen through wearing dad jeans and layered shirts.
Freshman Eva Sobieralski likes the trend.
“Fashion makes me feel like myself. It expresses my interests,” she said.
Overall, these trends may seem repetitive and unoriginal, but fashion is always evolving and trends never stick around. For some it could be reminiscent of better times, but others may not understand.
These trends will always be reincarnated, but keeping in style is always classic.