Baldwin presents first lip dub in four years

The year 2019 has been a year of comebacks, from the Jonas Brothers reuniting, to Miley Cyrus reviving her appearance as Hannah Montana, and now senior Mikayla Davic bringing the Lip Dub back to Baldwin.

Davic made the 2019 Lip Dub knowing no students in the school had participated in the first one, since it occured in 2015.

“I knew no one in the school had participated in one since, and I thought it would be a good senior send-off,” Davic said.

Davic chose well-known, upbeat songs that represented music through the decades, including “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” “All Star,” and “September.” The video ends with the uplifting song “Back Home.”

“I knew I wanted to do a mashup to keep it more interesting,” Davic said. “I picked songs that would be fun to listen to and would mash well together.”

Davic said she is very happy with the results. It was, however, stressful behind the scenes. The video was originally supposed to be shot with a device called a Gimble that would help stabilize the shots, but the battery died right before filming.

“The day of (the shoot) was the most stressful. The hardest part about it was the uncertainty about involving the whole school. I knew the only way this would work is if everyone cooperated and was excited to do it,” Davic said.

Davic appreciated and was impressed by the unique approach provided by each club and sports team.

“Each club took the initiative to do their own things and add their own special element to their part,” Davic said.

A lot of time and hard work went into preparing for the event. Davic described her efforts to map out the route of the video.

“I held the blueprints of the second floor and ran around while listening to the mashup, trying to time it. I knew where I wanted to start and end. There was a lot of trial and error,” Davic said.

A lot of materials went into creating the Lip Dub, including 300 balloons and two pounds of confetti. Davic said that she and her friends spent a good portion of the day blowing up balloons to prepare.

Davic said she could not have done this without the help of senior class co-sponsor Dr. Daniel Harrold and her senior class peers who were there throughout the whole process of planning.

She also appreciated the efforts of sophomores Jacob Dulya and George Fowkes-Scoulos, who helped film the video. She also thanked the National Art Honors Society, which helped make signs, and the National Honors Society, which helped clean up the mess of confetti throughout the second floor.

Davic embraced the concept of shooting the Lip Dub in one take.

“Having only one chance makes it even more special,” Davic said.

The Lip Dub video can be found here.