Davic wreaks havoc on court


Natalie Zgurich

Serving as a leader: Junior Remy Davic faces an opponent at a match during the beginning of the season. Davic has been playing tennis since the third grade and has shown success over the years.

Colton Brain and Ethan Coulehan

He only gave tennis a shot because he needed another sport to play, but junior Remy Davic has embraced the game and is now the captain of the boys varsity tennis team.
It started back in third grade, when Davic decided to try tennis and immediately loved it.
“I needed a sport to play in the spring. So I tried tennis and I love it,” he said.
Davic stuck with the sport all the way through his elementary and middle school years, and has embraced a leadership role as a junior. Sophomore Hunter Kozlowski has been playing with Davic for multiple years and said Davic is a leader on the team.
“He’s our team captain, and he’s also a great teammate to have,” Kozlowski said.
Senior Tommy Ahlin has been playing tennis with Davic since sixth grade, when they started going to the same tennis camps. Ahlin said Davic was immediately a standout player and had great potential.
“He immediately had the talent and work ethic to be really good, and he was one of the best players right away,” Ahlin said.
Ahlin said Davic could play against kids who were several years older than him even back then.
“He was the best player in our age group right away and could keep up with kids three to four years older than him,” Ahlin said.
Davic said his best tennis moment was winning a playoff match for the varsity team last year.
“It was exciting to get a playoff win as a sophomore. It was a great feeling to know that I still had my junior and senior seasons to build off of that win,” Davic said.
Davic said his goal for the upcoming season is to make it back to the playoffs and achieve more success.
“I want to take it a step further this year by making it back to playoffs and trying to win a championship,” Davic said.
Davic said he is undecided on whether he wants to pursue tennis after high school. He wants to focus on playing in high school and he will see how he feels later about tennis in college.
The Baldwin boys tennis team is looking to make a statement this season by making the playoffs as a team.
“The expectations are the same. We expect to make the playoffs,” Davic said.