AirPods are more than just a flex


Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Thus, AirPods users get their money’s worth, despite the high cost.

Lindsay Bonetti, Staff Writer

Apple’s AirPods have joined the realm of ways to flaunt wealth, but they also come with many benefits.

A recent meme surfaced on social media where AirPod users say, “It smells like broke in here” when in the presence of a regular earbud users, since they feel superior for owning the $160 luxury product.

However, people interested in purchasing AirPods should look beyond the price tag, and instead focus on the many new features and conveniences they provide.

Most importantly, AirPods have better sound quality than regular earbuds. When a user has only one of regular earbuds in, some of the background music is missing, since it is going through the other wire. This does not happen when only one AirPod is in.

The common misconception that the tiny AirPods fall out of users’ ears is false, unless it is knocked out by hand. However, that happens with the earbuds with wires too.

AirPods are a great feature for people with the iPhone 7 or later. Since Apple rid new phones of a specific headphone jack, regular earbuds plug into the same port as the charger. So people could not charge their phones and listen with their earbuds. AirPods are bluetooth, making charging and listening at the same time possible.

Additionally, AirPods can be tracked through the Find My iPhone app. So if someone were to misplace them, they could easily be found. Regular earbuds lack this convenience.

The fact that AirPods frequently need to be charged is of the few drawbacks. However, depending on usage, the charge holds for almost a week.

Thus, AirPods users get their money’s worth, despite the high cost.