EA fixes microtransaction problems with release of “Anthem”


Photo via Electronic Arts

Anthem has given some faith to consumers who were tired of microtransaction schemes.

Caden Harsh, Staff Writer

Electronic Arts doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to video games and is well known for angering players with the use of microtransactions.

However, the exception is its newest video game, Anthem. This is an online-multiplayer action role-playing game where players can explore a large in-game world and complete missions with other players.

The game deserves praise for its fun and exciting gameplay and amazing environment. The game’s graphics are extraordinary and add to the game’s open world. The environment creates yearning for exploration, something that is even better when done with friends.

Plus, the producer assures players that Anthem will have no microtransactions or randomized loot. These issues have now been removed.

Though the main story is not as enriching as other games made in the past, it is still an excellent experience.