Real Madrid brings Zidane back for another tenure at manager


Photo via Sky Sports

Zinedine Zidane has been rehired by Real Madrid, he’ll look to succeed in his second term.

Tyler Zeman, Staff Writer

Although Real Madrid’s disastrous season is pretty much over after the team’s shocking exit in the Champions League round of 16 to Ajax, there is new hope for the future with the return of Zinedine Zidane as coach.

Earlier this week Real Madrid announced the sacking of Santiago Hernan Solari, who was the team’s second manager this season. Later that night in Madrid, team officials announced that Zidane would be back with the club on a contact lasting until 2022.

This was a big surprise, as most observers thought former Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho was set to make his return to the club. When Zidane walked away from Real Madrid last year, most thought he was done with the team, but it turned out he was only one call away from coming back. Further, it turns out he had been constantly in contact with the club’s owners all season.

For now, though, the season is over, as Madrid is very much out of contention to win La Liga, and obviously the team’s attempt to defend its Champions title is over.

This is where Madrid is stuck. The team can’t bring any new players in at this time, so it is going to pretty much be a 10-week tryout for all current players. As Zidane has already made it clear, the team will be getting rid of some players and will be bringing in new ones.

Now it will be the players’ time to show why they are worth keeping and who will be a crucial part of Madrid’s anticipated success next year.

It is clear that Zidane is here to rebuild. But if he doesn’t bring home any silverware next season and doesn’t finish close to league rivals Barcelona, this might be the end of a dynasty that would be unprecedented for anyone who was born after the 1950s.