Costumed teachers raise Thanksgiving cash

Staff Writer

English teacher Dan Harrold has been named the winner of this year’s Halloween costume fundraiser, raising about $140.

“As for how I came up with my costume, I thought why not combine two of my favorite things: Halloween and Chipotle?” Harrold said of his “Boorito” outfit.

Although the exact total raised during Thursday’s teachers costume event has not yet been calculated, librarian Brigetta Hannah said teachers raised more than $500. All of the money will be donated to the KDKA Turkey Fund.

The money raised by teachers will be matched by PNC, which means a total of at least $1,000 raised this year.

Students, meanwhile, were able to wear costumes to school if they donated $1, which went to the senior class. Senior class Co-Sponsor Michelle Kilburn said $190.05 was raised.