Geno Reese looks forward to returning to high school

Security guard Geno Reese was injured on Friday breaking up a altercation between two students.

Photo provided by Baldwin High School

Security guard Geno Reese was injured on Friday breaking up a altercation between two students.

Purbalite Staff

Students and staff are rallying behind security guard Geno Reese, who was injured while breaking up a fight in the cafeteria on Friday.

Reese was hospitalized Friday night but suffered only minor injuries. He was released Saturday and is recuperating at home.

Since the incident, cards in the attendance office have been signed by dozens of students and staff in support of Reese. Jars are also available for donations to Reese and his family.

Senior Harry DePetro and the stage crew helped to organize the donations.

“The stage crew and I felt bad for Geno and the things that happened to him. We wanted to give back to show that the school still appreciates him,” DePetro said.

DePetro said he hopes the effort will show the true nature of Baldwin students.

“I was taught that when you see something that’s not right, you either be a part of it or a part of a change. You don’t just sit by and see something happen. Be part of the resolution, not the conflict,” DePetro said.

According to security guard Loran Skinkis, Reese is doing well.

“He wanted to come back yesterday, but his doctor wouldn’t let him. He’s looking forward to coming back,” Skinkis said.

Meanwhile, students are speaking out in support of Reese, with many saying he is a key part of the school environment.

“Geno and the other guards are an important part of our school,” junior Makenzie Shandor said. “It’s a shame that he got hurt, but the cards and donations make me feel like we’re helping him.”

Sophomore Isabel Proto agreed with that sentiment.

“Geno didn’t deserve what happened to him,” Proto said. “He was doing his job, and I don’t think he should have gotten injured that badly.”

Staff Writers Elizabeth Perston, Lena Barakat, Paige Crawley and Astrid Senko contributed to this report.