Bowling team strikes close connection


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Adam Goldsboro, Staff Writer

After losing most of its starting bowlers, the Baldwin bowling team looks forward to seeing the improvement of several underclassmen this season.
The only starting bowler returning is senior Mitch Holmes. Other starting bowlers include juniors Will Brown and Nick McGervey along with sophomores Joey Eisel and Carson Rostek.
Each of the players adds to the team with their play and their attitude during the matches, Holmes said.
“I feel like we have been doing really well, especially after losing most of our starting bowlers. Our guys have really stepped up,” Holmes said.
The matches so far this season have been very close with wins and losses by only about 20 pins, he said.
“The fact that we are winning is good, but we need to be more consistent because sometimes we are just not focused and can’t seem to pick up easy spares,” Holmes said.
Some of the younger players who are developing include Eisel and Rostek.
“They are both improving and typically have a solid performance every night,” Holmes said.
Although they may still be gaining experience and working on consistency, Holmes said he has faith that they will solidify their averages as the season goes on.
Another player making an impact is McGervey.
“Nick is always very solid and he tends to cover up other people’s bad scores,” Holmes said.
The team may be full of up and coming players, but they feel like a family, McGervey and Holmes said.
“Since we’re not an official school team, we feel closer together because we’re different from other teams, but we feel like brothers,” McGervey said.
McGervey said the team encourages each other and enjoys getting better together.
“Recently, the JV team has begun to show their real skills, which makes the varsity players push themselves even harder,” McGervey said.
The team may be small and young, but they believe they have a bright future for this season and seasons to come, McGervey said.
“I feel like we all participate in bowling to make the memories we all share together,” McGervey said.