Baldwin’s competitive bocce team takes win


Savannah Nguyen

Baldwin bocce tournament at the high school.

Brian Genovesi and Fiona Selden

Baldwin’s unified bocce teams competed in their first match of the season on Wednesday, and the competitive team came up with a victory over Carlynton.
Unified bocce has two divisions: competitive and recreational. The recreational team plays for fun. The competitive team swept Carlynton, 3-0.
Even in the competitive division, though, the emphasis is on teamwork and developing friendships.
“It’s just to get kids involved and able to play,” Tim Laughlin, co-sponsor of the Special Olympics program, said.
Senior Alexa Trimbur, a Baldwin bocce team member, agreed.
“Everybody loves the games because they’re entertaining and we get the chance to show support for each other,” Trimbur said. “But the fun we have during the practices and on the bus beforehand and going out to eat afterwards is where all of the bonding happens.”
Baldwin’s bocce program, which was the first of its kind in the state, started four years ago.
The unified bocce season will continue with a game hosted by Baldwin, and then a tournament at Cool Springs. The winner of that tournament goes on to states at Hershey.

“I think we can pull off a win if the team is focused, but most importantly we want everyone to have fun,” Trimbur said.