Baldwin Idol set to return Friday


Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Senior Megan Bonenberger won Baldwin Idol and therefore, the donations collected went to Center for Hearing and Deaf Services.

Lena Barakat and Alli Schroeder

Singers will test their abilities at Baldwin Idol on Friday, but instead of being judged by Katy Perry, an audience of family and friends will determine the winner.  

This year’s Baldwin Idol will be held Friday at 6:30 p.m. in the auditorium.

Admission is free. Audience members cast votes for their favorite performer by donating money. Each performer picks a favorite charity, and all of the money that is donated goes to the winner’s selected charity.

The winner gets a $50 gift card.

This event is run by choir teacher Kris Tranter..

“Students are very positive, and although it’s a competition, they keep in mind that this is just a fun way to raise money,” Tranter said.