Taking a look at possible future NFL dynasties

Johnny Staley, Staff Writer

With Tom Brady being 41 years old, and Bill Belichick being 66 years old, this most recent Super Bowl could be the final of the New England Patriots’ 2000s dynasty. The question now is what team is going to take over after the Patriots’ almost 20-year reign?

The most obvious choice is the Los Angeles Rams. This team has the ability to win now. The Rams have an extremely young and highly skilled quarterback in Jared Goff, but the deciding factor in how well they do is Head Coach Sean McVay.

McVay has been the coach their for the last two years, and he has turned them from the worst team in the league to NFC champs. His offensive schemes have troubled teams for last few years, and other than their rough 3-point Super Bowl performance, he is turning the Rams into one of the best offensive teams in the league.

Another team that can create a dominant NFL dynasty is the Kansas City Chiefs. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes started for the first season in his career, and he already has a 5,000 yard, 50 touchdown and MVP season under his belt. Mahomes could turn into one of the best quarterbacks of all time if he can continue his career at this rate.

However, the Chiefs need to improve their defense over the next few years to have the ability to reach dynasty status. Their defense struggled all year, and if they can become a top ten defense in the league, this team will have an opportunity to create long-term success like New England has.

Lastly, one team still in the midst of rebuilding that is heading in the dynasty direction is the Cleveland Browns. For the first time since the Browns returned to the NFL in 1999, they have some young offensive pieces in quarterback Baker Mayfield and running back Nick Chubb. Both players had stellar rookie seasons and competed for rookie of the year. If they can keep improving, they could create a deadly offense in Cleveland over the next few years.

Their defense is also full of young talent, with players like Myles Garrett, Jabrill Peppers, and Denzel Ward. If these players also continue to improve, the Browns could create a defensive powerhouse. If the Browns are able to control their front office, and find a strong coaching staff, which they have had extreme trouble with throughout their history, they have the opportunity finally create a dominant sports franchise in Cleveland.

The Patriots have created one of the best dynasties in sports history, and they have become the ideal NFL team, and it is unlikely that a team will see the same success they have seen in the last few years. But these teams are giving themselves a chance to come into the success the Patriots have found.