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Some Super Bowl commercials lived up to the hype

Joey Shields, Staff Writer

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Super Bowl commercials are among the best ways that a company can advertise its brand and its product, and while fans were disappointed by this year’s matchup between the Patriots and Rams, over 100 million people worldwide still saw the wide variety of ads.

Some of these advertisements captivated the attention of the audience, while others were as boring as the game itself.

One of the most memorable commercials was Pepsi’s “More than OK.” Steve Carell, Cardi B, and Lil Jon star in the ad, and their over-the-top reactions to the customer and the situation were humorous. The commercial made the case that Pepsi should never be someone’s second choice of soda, the first job of any good ad.

Another great ad was “Celebration,” produced by NFL 100, which featured legendary players such as Joe Montana and current stars like JuJu Smith-Schuster coming together for a hectic and fun display.

Hyundai’s “The Elevator” also stood out from the crowd, as it combined star power with crafty humor and witty delivery as it portrayed car shopping as an experience worse than jury duty, receiving “the talk,” and getting a root canal.

While each of these commercials were successful and deserved attention, others simply missed the mark. One such commercial was that of Turkish Airlines, and their trailer for a film. They attempted to direct viewers to their website to watch a movie, when they should have known that Super Bowl watchers would ignore this. Nobody wants to stop watching the game to watch a mediocre five-minute film directed by an airline. Those who did were disappointed.

Another awful commercial was provided by Simplisafe Security. The company attempts to fearmonger and states how terrible the world can be, so that viewers would feel as if they should install a security system. The ad was out of place airing during an event that is based around pride and joy.

As the viewership for the Super Bowl grows, companies will continue to shell out large sums of money to get commercials and ensure that their brands stay relevant. Consumers are left to hope that next year’s big game lives up to its  own commercials.


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Some Super Bowl commercials lived up to the hype