Staff will be able to order Bean coffee for delivery


Elizabeth Solenday

The Baldwin Bean, the school's new coffee shop, had its grand opening today.

Astrid Senko, Staff Writer

Soon staff members will be able to have coffee from the Baldwin Bean delivered to them during first period.

Transition Coordinator Eric Jankoski, who helps plan the coffee shop’s operations, announced that the Bean will soon be starting mobile ordering for staff members.

“We want to start mobile ordering because many people want coffee in the morning but do not have time to come down due to morning classes,”  Jankoski said.

According to Jankoski, mobile ordering will start in a few weeks and will only be open to staff. Based on how that works out, it might be opened up to students later on.

The Bean will start out with delivering only drinks. Staff must have their order in by 7:30 a.m. and the drinks will be delivered by a student worker during first period.

The online orders will start out on a Google Form, but the plan is to start looking into app development, he said.