Girls basketball loses to Lebo as key player is injured


Wikimedia Commons

The NBA is in its second season of using the play-in tournament and it has started the playoffs off hot this year. 

Tyler Zeman, Staff Writer

The girls basketball team had an especially difficult night on Thursday, losing a key player to injury and the game to section rivals Mt. Lebanon by a score of 65-33.

“There was a lot of tough times, but we all kept our composure,” sophomore Anna Lucarelli said.  

The game was going well for the girls until sophomore forward Meghan Dryburgh suffered a serious ankle injury. The game was stopped until paramedics arrived to take her in an ambulance to the hospital.

“We kept our poise and did not show our emotion after the injury,” Lucarelli said. “Emotionally it was hard to see her ankle, and her in such pain.”

The girls need to communicate better and play better defense going into their next game, Lucarelli said.