Students enjoy Baldwin Bean

Students enjoy Baldwin Bean coffee shop during first and second period.

Cassie Snyder and Kim Samuel

Following Friday’s grand opening of the Baldwin Bean, the coffee shop opened today to students during first and second periods for the first day of regular operations.

Joyce Weber, food service director for the district, works with vocational internship students as well as students in business classes to run the establishment. Students on Monday said they like the space.

“The Bean is cozy, casual and comfortable, and it is a great place to hang out, relax and get school work done during free periods,” senior Nick Vargo said.

Weber said the first day of regular operations was a success, with the only minor issue being the delayed arrival of students working at the coffee shop on this first day.

Customers on Monday were happy.

“The coffee serves as a nice refreshing pick-me-up in the morning to start the school day,” junior Gemma Gurcak said. “ It’s good coffee and I’m glad it’s here.”

Senior Princess Conteh agreed.

“The Baldwin Bean is a huge upgrade for the high school. It’s really going to help out the students,” Conteh said.

The most popular drinks so far have been iced latte, flavored iced tea and cold brew.

While the Bean currently only is open first and second period, Weber said those hours could be expanded in the future.

Cassie Snyder
Students enjoy new Baldwin Bean coffee shop
Cassie Snyder
New Baldwin Bean coffee mug
Cassie Snyder
Students order drinks at Baldwin Bean
Cassie Snyder
Students make drinks at Baldwin Bean