Baldwin Bean to be open during first, second periods starting next week


Jaiman White

Preparing the Bean: Senior Alexis Primrose paints the inside of the Baldwin Bean. The coffee shop will be open first and second periods.

Jaiman White, Staff Writer

The sight of students walking into school carrying coffee drinks from Dunkin’ Donuts just might become less common with the arrival of the Baldwin Bean.

Eric Jankoski is among the staff members who have been involved in the creation of the Baldwin Bean. The vision, he said, has been to offer students an alternative to Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks, while also offering real-world work experience for Michelle Kilburn’s business and marketing classes as well as students in the vocational internship program.

The goal has been to create a space where students “can come down and relax for a little bit,” Jankoski said.

The menu, which likely will rotate, features hot and cold beverages such as coffee, hot and iced tea, iced lattes, and smoothies. A variety of snacks are planned.

The Bean will be open during first and second periods, when Kilburn’s business classes will be the Partners helping run the operation with vocational internship students, in the same way the Partners gym and music classes operate.

Students who have study hall first or second period will be able to get a drink or snack after they see their study hall teacher for a pass. Classroom teachers also will be able to book the coffee shop and bring their entire classes down those periods.

On a trial basis, students will be able to visit the Bean during the class change between first and second period.

The Bean will not be open before first period because of concerns about being able to get the Bean’s student staff in and the setup work done in time, plus the possibility of the coffee shop being inundated with orders, and students being late for first period.

Customers can pay for their orders with cash or through their student accounts, as they do in the cafeteria.

The coffee shop will be selling Baldwin Bean coffee mugs for $10. Customers who bring the mug back to the shop will get a discount on refills.

Organizers said putting the coffee shop together has been a team effort. James Wodarek’s graphic design class is assisting in creating menus. Cheri Foote’s art students are painting murals and wall art. The logo for the Baldwin Bean coffee mugs is being printed through the district’s Fab Lab.

In terms of equipment, a handwashing sink was installed to meet health code requirements, and the food service department ordered a refrigeration unit for the Bean, Jankoski said.

Sophomore Lexi Kilburn has been one of the students helping to create the Bean. Kilburn said the coffee shop should create a sense of community for students .

“People can interact, and I think it’s just going to make the school a better place,” Kilburn said.