Foote takes temporary new position at middle school


Elizabeth Solenday

Social Studies teacher Adam Foote will be leaving the high school for a second time for a new administrative position at Paynter.

Avery Greenaway and Elizabeth Solenday

For social studies teacher Adam Foote, it’s not “goodbye forever,” but it’s “goodbye for now”.

Foote is being moved to the middle school to temporarily serve as assistant principal. Foote’s last day at the high school will be next week, and then he’ll be at Harrison Middle School until February.

Foote said he has his principal’s certification papers, but he wasn’t sure if he actually wanted to be an administrator.

“This is an opportunity to try something out. You don’t really get an opportunity like this often. Under ordinary circumstances, if I were to apply for an administration position, I’d be placed immediately as an administrator without having time to see if I’d like it,” Foote said.

Foote spent a day shadowing Assistant Principal Scott Ross at Harrison last week.

Ross will be moving to McAnnulty to fill in for Principal Heather Wessel while she is on maternity leave. That left the assistant principal spot at Harrison for Foote to temporarily fill.

As for who will fill in for Foote, that position has not yet been filled. Administration is working to hire someone to temporarily teach Mr. Foote’s classes.

Foote said this was not an easy decision to make.

“I’m sad to leave the kids I have. I enjoy all of my classes and the relationships I have with students. That’s what keeps me here at the high school,” Foote said. “This lets me see if I enjoy being an administrator.”