Big Brother Finale brings back old demons and memories


Photo via People Magazine

For the third year in a row, the player most viewers expected to win came up short.

Austin Bechtold, Staff Writer

Big Brother 20’s season finale on Wednesday provided the same result as the last two seasons, only this one came with a grain of salt.

For the third year in a row, the player most viewers expected to win came up short.

Second-place finisher and America’s Favorite Houseguest Tyler played a great game from Day 1 to Day 99 and was always in control of the house. The winner of BB20, Kaycee, also played a very respectable game, but had not been as strategically savvy as Tyler.

In BB18, fan favorite Paul took home second place after a bitter jury decided returnee Nicole deserved the crown due to playing a flawless social game compared to Paul.

The next season, BB19, Paul returned to try to capture the $500,000 many felt he rightfully had earned the year before. But for the second year in a row, when Paul seemed to be in the clear, another bitter jury shot down his hopes.

Tyler’s finale night and gameplay were very similar to Paul’s.

They both ran the house, Paul more so in season 19, and were victims of the self-proclaimed jury vote curse known as “the run.”

Tyler was up 4-1 on Kaycee with only one more vote needed to secure the grand prize. Kaycee then gained four votes in a row to finish off “the run” of votes going her way.

One problem for Tyler that came back to hurt him was that he made “final two” deals with too many other houseguests. He also did not help himself in saying that one of his friends in the house, Sam, was only a wild card and someone he could use to his advantage.

The reality is that Tyler’s game was not respected as much as Kaycee’s. The bitter jury was not nearly as much of a factor as it was for Paul, but jurors Rockstar, Scottie, Sam, Faysal, and Bayleigh, who all voted for Kaycee, all left the house with a sour taste in their mouth due to Tyler’s gameplay.

If Tyler was not going to win, the next best option definitely did. Kaycee played a great game winning two HOH’s, a hacker comp, and five vetoes.

This season of Big Brother is being called by some the best season in recent memory, if not ever. Regardless, the gameplay has changed and adapted, but the results are still the same as they have been in years before.