Grey’s Anatomy tackles politics

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Grey’s Anatomy tackles politics

Anamarie Martinez, News Editor

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When most people think of Grey’s Anatomy, they think of a TV medical drama, but in most episodes Grey’s Anatomy also makes political statements.

Grey’s Anatomy has just ended its 14th season and it has been renewed for a 15th season. Throughout the years creator Shonda Rhimes has added more and more situations into the plot line that create political statements.

Most recently Rhimes has touched on immigration. An ICE agent came to the hospital looking for Sam, a surgical intern who happens to be a “dreamer” in the U.S. under DACA.

Rhimes incorporated the stressful situation of the staff trying to figure out a plan for Sam to show what it is like for real immigrants who face these situations.

Rhimes has also touched on the topic of gay rights. Callie, who was a main character in earlier seasons, started dating Arizona Robbins, a pediatric surgeon. Throughout their relationship and even through their divorce, the show has promoted gay rights.

In season six Rhimes covered the issue of guns and mental health with a shooting in the hospital. This brought awareness to public shootings, but it also showed the importance of taking care of one’s mental health.

Rhimes provokes an emotional appeal through viewers’ connection with the cast to make her political statements.

Some people criticize Rhimes for using her platform to promote a political agenda, but as Grey’s Anatomy is a show that has an audience of teenagers, it can help promote political awareness. It can help get kids more aware of what is going on in the world without it sounding like a history class.

Most television shows on air today focus more on driving their plot line through drama rather than politics, so hopefully Rhimes will continue to incorporate politics in episodes.