Interest in tea bubbling up: Fuku Tea is worth the expense


Taylor Donahue, Photo Editor

Fuku Tea on Forbes Avenue in Oakland ranks above any other bubble tea places in Pittsburgh. With a wide variety on the menu, there is a choice for everyone. Although they are best known for their bubble tea, Fuku also offers smoothies, premium organic teas and signature teas, which includes Thai iced tea, masala chai, a Pittsburgh “black & gold” tea, and others. Among those, the iced masala chai latte with tapioca pearls (bubbles) is definitely a choice that customers can’t go wrong with. Paired with the tapioca pearls, the cinnamon and sweetness of the chai always create a great choice. Customers can choose from different toppings such as the tapioca, red bean, chia seed, jelly, and popping boba — which, when eaten, pop with flavor. With the great choices on the menu, Fuku Tea can easily be considered one of the best local bubble tea locations in Pittsburgh. Although the prices may be considered more expensive compared to the other tea shops in Pittsburgh, Fuku is definitely worth the extra change.