Interest in tea bubbling up: Chick’n Bubbly has wide variety


Brenna Green, Staff Writer

When looking for a tasty beverage on the go, most people look to coffee shops or cafes, but they unfortunately overlook restaurants that serve bubble tea. Bubble teas primarily consist of either green or black tea, or they can be spiced up with powder, creating milk teas, or even further for bubble smoothies. The so-called “bubbles” in these drinks are flavorless tapioca balls. One of the most popular places in the area is Chick’n Bubbly on Oakland Avenue in Oakland. Chick’n Bubbly not only sells the famous bubble teas, but also Korean style-fried chicken, which explains the restaurant’s name. As far as drinks go, they have a wide variety of options for a reasonable price. Options include green tea, black tea, milk tea, smoothies, and slushies, all of which have multiple flavor options. Each drink can be ordered as a plain drink or customers can choose the more popular route and add in one of the three topping options: bubbles, jelly, or bursting bubbles, which are juice-filled poppers. Overall, Chick’n Bubbly provides a great snack opportunity that highlights a different yet delicious drink selection.