Interest in tea bubbling up: Rose Tea one of Pittsburgh’s finest


Mandi Bruni, Design Editor

Bubble tea has gained popularity partially due to its aesthetic look and partially from its sweet and traditionally milky flavor. Since becoming an Americanized tea, local Taiwanese and Asian restaurants have updated their beverage menus to entice boba drinkers with new flavors and new ways to drink their tea. Located in Squirrel Hill, Rose Tea Cafe is arguably one of the best places in Pittsburgh to get this Asian-inspired drink. Ordering food at this cafe can be challenging due to its lengthy menu with more than 100 dishes, and the list of boba flavors is no exception. One of the most common ways to order these teas is with milk. Specifically, the mango green milk tea offers a refreshing and fruity taste that, when coupled with the creamy milk, almost makes it taste like a cream soda with the bubbles and sweet syrups added. The cafe’s tapioca pearls found on the bottom of the teas are all homemade and add a nice savory texture to the otherwise sugary drink. Bubble tea fans looking for fast service and quality Asian cuisine will find that Rose Tea Cafe can quench their thirst at an affordable price.