NBA has a greater presence than the NHL

The NBA trade deadline saw some teams making unusual moves.

Photo via under Creative Common License.

The NBA trade deadline saw some teams making unusual moves.

Adam Goldsboro, Staff Writer

The NBA has been climbing over the NHL since the beginning of each league, and anyone who thinks the NHL is a better league is just wrong.

For example, the average person can recognize about five NHL players at most, but many can recognize 25 or more NBA players. In addition, NBA players are much more marketable and well liked.

Michael Jordan and LeBron James are business models and transcend their sport. That can’t be said for most of the greatest hockey players.

Next, the viewership for the NBA is climbing at a faster rate than the NHL’s viewership is. and the NBA has created a basketball culture around the United States.

The NBA also has created more sponsorships with Gatorade and multiple other famous companies. To accompany that fact, players like LeBron, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, and Steph Curry have endorsements worth more than hockey players’ contracts.

Another reason the NBA is a better league is that they get much more exposure on ESPN and other sports networks. Some say this is because ESPN is biased toward basketball, but the NBA is simply more profitable because of the players being more recognizable.

This profitability mainly comes from how easy it is to play basketball, while hockey requires expensive equipment and paying for ice time. Basketball can be played outside much more easily than hockey, and the only thing a person needs is a ball and a hoop. Gym time may cost $10 if needed.

Also the NBA has globalized its brand and has a large presence in Asia and Europe. China and certain leagues in Europe are also very competitive and many NBA players go over to Europe or China to continue to help the NBA spread its brand across the globe.

Overall, the NBA is more profitable and has a larger presence in American culture and global culture.