Goga stands out in two sports


Arlen Hooks

Cream of the crop: Senior Taylor Dadig and plays softball while senior Mike Goga plays volleyball and basketball. Dadig and Goga are the 2017-2018 Purbalite Athletes of the Year.

Liam Belan and Flynn Travers

For many student athletes, balancing responsibilities on and off the court is a challenge. But senior Mike Goga sets the standard, being exceptional not only on the court but also in the classroom.

Goga is a two-sport athlete who has played basketball for all four years and volleyball for three. For his athletic accomplishments this year in both sports, Goga is the 2017-18 Purbalite Male Athlete of the Year.

Throughout his high school career, Goga has been relied upon heavily for leadership in both of his sports.

“I try to lead by example. I’m a pretty vocal leader,” Goga said.

What really separates Goga from his peers is his outstanding work ethic in the classroom as well. Goga currently boasts a 4.4 GPA.

“I’ve gotten used to balancing the sports and the school. It’s a lot of hard work,” Goga said.

Senior Nick Fiumara, one of Goga’s teammates on the basketball team, praised Goga’s work ethic.

“He puts in time on and off the court. He’s never satisfied,” Fiumara said. “He doesn’t care when he gets to bed. He always gets his work done.”

Goga is known by teammates for his passion and drive in both basketball and volleyball.

“Mike’s hard working. He always plays with passion and sets an example for his teammates, and he loves to win the game,” Fiumara said.

Dante Parente, a senior on the volleyball team, testified to Goga’s leadership.

“He’s always positive and always telling us to keep our heads up,” Parente said.

What really drives Goga is his passion to succeed and his will to win. Goga thrives under tough competition and enjoys winning more than anything when it comes to sports.

“I love being a competitor. Nothing beats the feeling of winning,” Goga said.

Fiumara knows how much Goga loves to win and has noticed Goga’s improvement and his off-court hard work.

“He’s always been a dominant rebounder, but he’s gotten better at shooting due to his constant work. He’s always at summer workouts. He would never miss one. Ever.” Fiumara said.

Goga’s work on the courts has paid off, earning him second team all-section honors in both basketball and volleyball, and selection to the renowned Roundball Classic for basketball.

Overall, Goga has set a strong example at Baldwin, and he has impacted many through his dedication and work ethic in both sports and in the classroom.

“He is always motivated and is a perfectionist,” Parente said.

Like the best leaders, Goga also has helped make many of the athletes around him better.

“He’s always taught me to play with confidence. He showed me how to play with a certain passion and drive that has helped me a lot,” Fiumara said.