College bound students should explore out of state colleges

College bound students should explore out of state colleges

Brenna Green, Staff Writer

Most Baldwin graduates choose colleges that are within an hour or two from home, but there are benefits to traveling further for that college degree.

Among the top choices for Baldwin students are CCAC, IUP, Cal U, Slippery Rock, Pitt, and Duquesne. That is understandable, since in-state tuitions tend to be significantly less than out of state, and if the college is very close to home, students can skip the dorms and save boarding costs.

Even for students who live in dorms at nearby colleges, trips home to visit family and friends are much more convenient when the time is short. Also, once students get to school, if they forget something from home or want to go back and get something else, they don’t have to worry because they can do so easily.

However, there are benefits to attending school further from home as well.

Out of state colleges provide students with a new environment for new experiences. Not only can students become familiar with the area in which their school is located, but also with the surrounding areas.

Typically, students coming from out of state are the minority and thus they meet many people from the new area, so they are potentially learning new culture from the others. For people who get homesick easily, 21st century technology makes communication with family and friends at home much easier than before.

Also, out of state schools encourage more independence because coming home to mom and dad on the weekends to get help with laundry is not an option.

Although in-state schooling may seem most appealing to prospective college students, next year’s seniors also should consider out of state options, because the experience as a whole could outweigh any drawbacks.