New movie The Kissing Booth leaves viewers on edge of seat


Erin Fader, Staff Writer

Even though people don’t think about it, little things that happen in day-to-day life can have huge impacts, as seen in the “butterfly effect.” In the same way, a kissing booth drastically changes lives in Netflix’s new movie called, fittingly, The Kissing Booth.

In this romantic comedy, viewers will physically feel their hearts palpitate while they follow the protagonist, Elle Evans, and her best friend since the day she was born, Lee Flynn, through their junior year of high school, and their extensive set of friendship rules.

These include Rule Number 9: Lee’s older brother Noah is off limits, and Rule Number 10: Do not break Rule Number 9..

However, Elle finds herself breaking that very important rule. But, afraid of the consequences of her forbidden romance, she does not inform her forever friend. Elle’s journey takes audiences through the ups and downs of high school, first love, and the rules, stated or unstated, of true friendship.

This movie will make viewers hold their breath at the characters’ antics, and has a score that will make them nostalgic for The Breakfast Club.

The Kissing Booth is full of surprises, and offers a story that will make teenage girls squeal with glee, then want to watch it over and over again.

Most importantly, this romance sheds a new light on the importance of honesty and friendship that viewers will not soon forget.