Bath bombs bring a new element of surprise


Photo via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons License.

Erin Fader, Staff Writer

Face masks and bath bombs are methods of self care that provide a simple way to relieve stress. To make that relaxation even better, some bath bombs now have special surprises inside.

Multiple online retailers have begun to sell bath bombs with rings inside. One of these websites, Pearl Bath Bombs, claims that the jewelry inside is worth up to $5,000, while the bath bombs themselves are being sold for $50. There is no indication of how many $5,000 rings exist, and most of the bath bombs come with far less valuable rings.

Other websites, such as Fragrant Jewels, sell these bath bombs in different shapes and themes. Examples of this are their Hello Kitty and mermaid-themed bombs.

Fragrant Jewels also had Barbie mother-daughter themed bath bombs for Mother’s Day. They also have a Barbie Kids bath bombs for younger girls.

Toy companies also have started joining this trend, urging children to buy these bath bombs for the surprises. Children can buy bath bombs with Tsum Tsums, Shopkins, Pokemon, superhero figurines, and other toys inside, then watch as the soap melts away in the bath to reveal their knick knacks.

With all of these new developments in fizzing bath soaps, the question arises of whether or not this new trend makes bath bombs better, or if this diminishes these luxury items to gimmicks.

On the one hand, the prizes are permanent, whereas bath bombs can only be used once before going down the drain. Consumers may believe that having a trinket inside adds to the value of the product and so it is more worthy of their money.

Contrarily, having toys or supposedly expensive jewelry inside something that is supposed to make people feel glamorous and relaxed could end up seeming tacky, like a plastic ring in a toy machine at a store.

Either way, bath bombs are now filled with surprises, and people are bubbling about whether or not they will be a success.