Art installation explores creativity

The newest art installation focuses on creativity and what it means to students.

Two students have collaborated to combine their contrasting ideas about creativity for a new art installation in the cage on the third floor of the main stairwell.

The new display combines ideas from juniors Jenna Velgich and Jayla Wicks. Though the two had not originally been working together, they had very similar ideas and decided to incorporate both into their exhibit.

“We had the same concept, but polar opposites,” Wicks said. “We decided to work together to show our contrasting ideas.”

The installation features a symbolic interpretation of caged-in creativity, transitioning to creative freedom and self-expression. Dead leaves on the higher steps of the stairs transform into colorful origami flowers towards the bottom of the staircase.

“I came up with the darker part of it, a depressing feeling of being stuck with creativity without an outlet.” Wicks said.

Velgich was more inspired by her positive experiences with art and creativity.

“I had a conversation with someone where that person said, ‘It will grow,’ and that really stuck with me and inspired me,” she said.

Working together, they decided to make their installation based on the idea that creativity can’t be caged in.

“In a way, Jayla’s part is the before and mine is the after,” Velgich said, describing the installation’s transition from caged creativity to uncaged creativity.

This installation was an assignment for their Studio Art 3 and 4 classes, taught by Cheryl Foote.

“What I love about this piece is that it’s very open to personal interpretation. I think the use of stairs to show darkness descending to light expresses negative things in a beautiful way,¨ Foote said.

Velgich and Wicks agreed that the process of creating an installation was more difficult than they imagined.

“People underestimate how hard it is to put in an installation,” Velgich said. “I had to hand make over 200 flowers, and I still have more to make.”

Foote said she believes that ideas often change throughout the process of creating an installation, but the end result is worth the effort.