‘Honeymoon in Vegas’ gets 3 nominations, but not for best musical


Senior Robbie Miller was nominated today for best actor at the Gene Kelly Awards, but the high school’s production of Honeymoon in Vegas did not get nominated for best musical.

Miller was nominated for his role as Jack Singer, who struggles to commit to his girlfriend and almost ends up losing her.

This is Miller’s second nomination. When he was a freshman, he was nominated and then won best supporting actor for his work in The Drowsy Chaperone production.

“I am excited for what comes. It’s a very humbling experience and I would not take it for granted,” Miller said.

Baldwin also earned nominations for best scenic design and lighting design.

But unlike the past two years — when Baldwin was nominated for and then won for best musical — the Honeymoon production did not get a best musical nomination

Senior and stage manager Cory Berger said the crew nominations were appreciated, but not getting the big best musical nomination was tough.

“I was disappointed that we did not get nominated for more, but I am still proud of our nominations,” Berger said.

The stage crew, led by Berger, receives help from professional designers and a professional builder for the set.

“The professionals help supervise us and the crew builds the entire set,” Berger said. “Hopefully we can win our set nominations because we worked hard and we had over 220 light cues.”

Miller agreed that it was disappointing not to get the best musical nomination.

“I definitely think everyone was upset that we weren’t nominated because it’s always an exciting experience to put our costumes on one last time to perform at the Benedum,” Miller said.

Even without the opportunity of performing at the Benedum, Miller and the cast of Honeymoon in Vegas do not take their previous experiences with the Kellys for granted, he said.

“We were at the top for the past two years, so we also realize we were criticized for every detail and we understand that,” Miller said. “We are still very lucky and glad to have the awards and recognition we have gained over the past few years.”

Last year’s production of Zorro was nominated for 12 awards, so getting only three this year came as a disappointment to the cast.

“Another letdown was that for the past three years we’ve been nominated for multiple Kellys, but this year we only got three, so we were upset we didn’t meet the bar that we had set. But overall everyone is still excited,” Miller said.

As Berger was disappointed, he was still happy with this year’s musical.

“I am really proud of our cast, crew, and pit of the production,” Berger said.