Fab Lab brings new tech tools to district

The Fab Lab is now available to students on an everyday basis.

Natalie Zgurich, Sports Editor

For students who had been wondering what was inside that Fab Lab trailer in the central parking lot, the answer is: a Sawgrass Virtuoso, two heat presses, one mug press machine, an Epilog Laser engraver, a Roland vinyl cutter, and two BoXZY machines.

If those terms sound confusing, keep in mind that at today’s Fab Lab ribbon-cutting ceremony, first- and fifth-graders were showing off their ability to use those tech tools. Some of the students, for instance, were using the heat presses to put designs on shirts.

Soon students throughout the district will have the opportunity to join them.

“A Fab Lab is a place where students can create something from design to fabrication,” Dr. Janeen Peretin, director of information and instructional technology, said in an email interview.

The Fab Lab was an idea from school board member Dr. Anthony DiCesaro, who donated a family trailer that had been used to haul cars. It is now going to be used for educational purposes.

Superintendent Dr. Randal Lutz was joined at the ribbon cutting by members of the school board, the Paynter elementary students, and other members of the Baldwin community.

“I am excited and blessed to be working in a school district and for a Board of School Directors that has dedicated valuable resources, financial and human, toward the pursuit of technological excellence,” Lutz said.

Students from all the district’s schools will be learning STEAM concepts through the Fab Lab in the future. Lutz also said he hopes other members of the community will be able to the Fab Lab during district events.