Baldwin seniors receive award for work and improvement

Two Baldwin students were recognized by a regional schools group over the weekend for their hard work and improvement.

Seniors Andre Drewery and Bianca High won the Distinguished Student Performance Award from the South Hills Area School Districts Association. The award recognizes students who show significant growth and improvement in any aspect of their school life.

Each school in the South Hills chooses two students to be receive the award. Counselor Caroline Babik nominated Drewery and High for Baldwin.

“They both exemplify the definition of the award. Their maturity and desire to learn now compared to where they’ve been is outstanding,” Babik said.

Both students moved to Baldwin from Pittsburgh city schools during their high school years. The move to Baldwin inspired both students to better themselves.

Drewery said the award was a pleasant surprise, and that he was humbled by the honor.

“I didn’t realize that I have changed much. I see myself as the same person, but looking back I can see that I’m better now,” Drewery said.

High agreed that it’s a humbling experience to be recognized.

“I’m happy to receive the award because I’ve worked so hard to be better, so it feels good to get recognition for it,” she said.

High said she wants to thank the teachers and administrators at Baldwin for giving her a second chance to prove herself. She plans to attend CCAC next year to study substance abuse counseling or nursing.

Babik said Drewery and High were inspiring.

“The change in action of these two is exactly what you want to see from kids who were struggling at some point,” Babik said.