Shonda Rhimes lacks creativity in new show

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Shonda Rhimes lacks creativity in new show

Anamarie Martinez, News Editor

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Shonda Rhimes’ new show on ABC does not bring enough heat.

Station 19 is a show about the lives of firefighters living in Seattle. Although Rhimes is known for creating shows that become big hits, Station 19 does not seem to be different than any other firefighter show on television.

The new show has all the elements that any other mediocre TV drama has: There are too many unrealistic elements, and of course a romance scandal has to be included.

Although most television shows do incorporate scenes that are highly unrealistic, the scenes in Station 19 are so unrealistic that they cause viewers to lose attention. For instance, a young girl would never be able to hide her pregnancy from her mother — who also happens to be the principal at her school.

Station 19 is a spinoff of the long-running series Grey’s Anatomy. The spinoff incorporates Ben Warren, played by Jason Winston George, who was a surgeon in Grey’s Anatomy, but he changes career paths and becomes a rookie firefighter at Station 19.

The characters of Station 19 were first introduced to viewers in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Likewise the characters of Grey’s Anatomy also appear in episodes of Station 19.   

Station 19 is the second spinoff from Grey’s Anatomy. The first spinoff was Private Practice, which first aired in 2007.

The storyline of Station 19 closely resembles the beginning of Private Practice, where Addison Montgomery, a lead surgeon played by Kate Walsh, left her friends and family from the hospital in Seattle to start over in California. Private Practice also incorporated characters who originated on Grey’s Anatomy, and in both cases the main character is involved in a love triangle.

Although Private Practice is now off the air, it had a more interesting plot than that of Station 19, leaving viewers curious as to if this new show will manage to be more successful than Private Practice.