Baldwin’s future coffee shop now has name


The coffee shop that the high school plans to open next school year now has a name: The Baldwin Bean.

Students were sent a survey via Google Drive that consisted of 10 potential names for the coffee shop as well as a write-in option to allow students to come up with their own names. Students also got to cast their votes outside the cafeteria during lunch periods to finalize the choice.

“We tallied the surveys and The Baldwin Bean was the winner,”  business and computer teacher Michelle Kilburn, one of the teachers organizing the project, said.

Coffee shop coordinators next plan to have students choose The Baldwin Bean’s logo. Art students will have an opportunity to design a logo for the coffee shop, and then students will vote for their favorite throughout the week starting next Monday..

“It will be run through art classes, and students will be able to submit their designs and have their peers decide the winner,” Kilburn said.

Kilburn also said that students will be able to taste test coffees from The Baldwin Bean before the end of this school year.