New singing show gives chance to rising stars


Photo via Gear4music under Creative Common License.

Brianna Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Four fierce music artists, spanning all music genres, fight to defend their hard earned seats.

The reality TV show called The Four allows rising music artists to show off their talents by competing for one of the four seats on the show. The judges include DJ Khaled and Meghan Trainor. The Four is hosted by Fergie, and airs on Fox.

The show begins with four seated artists, and other people audition singing their choice of song. If the judges decide they are good, then they compete against one of the artists who is already seated. If the challenger wins, he or she takes the seat.

Eventually, four artists who have kept their seats the longest compete in the final battle. This season Evvie McKinney was the first ever winner of The Four.

The Four is a great show for those who enjoy singing, competition, and drama. It is a harshly judged TV show for the rising artists, but is great to watch at home with family or friends.