The Boss Baby: Back in Business provides lighthearted entertainment


Jessica Abt, Staff Writer

Netflix’s new series “The Boss Baby: Back in Business” continues the story of an adorable baby fighting to keep babies more popular and loved than cats.

The season’s 13 episodes combine witty jokes about adults with incredibly adorable babies who switch from being intense secret agents to whining babies.

The series focuses on cats and how they are trying to become more beloved than babies. The show is not directed at teens, but it a great release from the stress and pressure of high school.

The characters are very relatable since most kids will remember relying on parents to help solve their problems, just like Tim, the older brother, needs help in the second episode.

The show is also great for kids because it teaches them the importance of family, which is stressed throughout the series.

Overall the series is engaging and funny, but also manages to tackle an important topic of family. It is definitely something for teens to watch if they are looking for a light-hearted escape.