Admins on online survey: Lunch will not be required


Sarah Fader and Jarrod Chermely

The survey given to underclassmen via the school’s website regarding lunch and eating schedules does not mean students will be forced to take a lunch in the upcoming school year, Principal Doctor Walter Graves said.

The survey idea came up while the administration was starting planning for the master schedule for next year, Graves said. The survey was created to find out why students go without a lunch during the school day.

“(We) received a variety of responses,” Graves said. Students wanted to take more classes, make up for lost credits, or simply didn’t like being in the cafeteria.

While some students were concerned that the survey might have meant that administrators were considering requiring students to take a lunch, that is not the case, Graves said. He also said there is no plan to reduce elective options.

“No electives will be cut,” Graves said.

While about a hundred more students requested eight periods for next year than students have in previous years, the school will fill those requests as they always have, with seniors getting first priority, then juniors, sophomores and finally freshmen, Graves said.