All eyes are on brows in fashion world


Photo via Pixabay under Creative Commons license.

Devon Schroeder, Staff Writer

As apps like Instagram and Pinterest persist in promoting new skincare routines and pristine makeup, one aspect continues to constantly evolve light years ahead of the rest of the beauty routine:  Eyebrows.

Previously overlooked as just the line where to end one’s eyeshadow, the brow has quickly become one of the most integral and versatile details of makeup.

But as the eyebrow revolution gains more steam, it raises several questions.  When was simply letting them be considered ¨not enough¨? When did people become discontented with subtle waxing and plucking?

Junior Angela Miller dislikes this trend.

¨Personally, I think they’re overrated. I don’t think we need to keep messing with something that looks best when done simply,” Miller said.

Junior Quinn Scharding concurs.

“I was into them when they started being a trend, but I think recently they’ve become more of a meme then an actual part of a makeup routine, although it’s fun to experiment with makeup like art,” Scharding said.

The obsession can be traced to model Cara Delevingne’s almost overnight fame in 2011. As more runways and magazine editorials featured her signature bushy brows, the trend quickly took off, resulting in the influx of similar-looking models, multitudinous brow products, and of course the dreaded ¨brows on fleek´’ memes.

Consequently this led to the 2014 populatization of ¨Instagram brows,¨ which start out a little lighter towards the middle of the face and gain definition towards the end.

Fast forward to today, and people find that the the eyebrow train has not lost momentum but changed direction.

It is now possible to explore social media pages that are chock full of insane brow trends like braids, glitter, and the classic squiggle brow. Most recently ¨garden brows¨ have hit the internet, a look obtained by using eyelash glue to attach tiny flowers to brows.