Seniors finally put their handprints on the wall

Senior Jaden Castine shows off her purple handprint.

Jessica Abt and Grace Esposito

Seniors look forward to leaving their mark on the school all year long, and today they finally got their chance.

Members of the Class of 2018 are placing their handprints on the wall of the band stairwell during English classes all day today. The seniors anticipate this day for years, but when it finally comes, it can seem surreal.

“For years I have been walking past these handprints, and it is a major accomplishment to have made it this far,” Faith Muse said.

Before most realize, the 12 years of Baldwin-Whitehall education are coming to an end.

“The day comes much faster than you would expect, especially when you get three-quarters of the way through your last year,” Alex Chafin said.

Senior year is a combination of excitement and a little bit of sadness for most, especially when some seniors could be leaving all of their friends when going to college or the military.

“It is really nice and exciting, especially because you know you will move on to new and better things,” Amberlyn Sucevich said.

And then there is senioritis, which has been a problem for seniors for generations.

“It is so difficult to get myself to do any homework anymore, especially when I know the end is so near,” Sucevich said.

Hang in there seniors. Only 38 more school days to go.