Podcasts appeal to variety of teens

Podcasts appeal to variety of teens

Rachel Stofanak, Staff Writer

With the multitude of genres that podcasts cover, it’s not hard for people to find one they will be interested in.

According to a recent Forbes article, podcast audiences have been increasing in size at a rate of about 11 percent per year since 2015.

In past years, mostly adults have enjoyed the news or information they can easily access through a podcast on a morning commute. But recently, teenagers have discovered their own favorite podcasts and have become loyal listeners.

Although more young adults than teenagers still listen to podcasts, teenage listeners are increasing at a high rate.

Podcasts aimed specifically at students, such as Youth Radio and Stuff You Missed in History Class, have seen a sharp increase in subscribers and listeners in recent years.

The shows cater specifically to teenagers’ interests. Youth Radio discusses major issues in a technology-dominated world, often referring to social media. Stuff You Missed in History Class puts a fun spin on lesser-known historical figures and events, appealing to high schoolers with its light tone.

While many students enjoy informative podcasts, audio dramas such as Welcome to Night Vale and Wolf 359 also have seen a sharp increase in listeners, especially among teenagers.

These podcasts show that diversity appeals to teenagers, as each combines a compelling plot with a diverse cast of characters.

The convenience of podcasts also attracts many listeners. They can be downloaded easily, and the size of a person’s phone screen does not interfere with the experience, as it does with watching TV or movies on a phone.

Podcasts also appeal to a generation with a great diversity of interests. While only a certain number of TV shows can run on a certain channel at a time, any number of podcasts can be created, even on a low budget. Podcasts can be found for someone with any interest, from philosophy to local lore.

While podcasts are still not nearly as well known as the most popular TV shows or movies, they offer many advantages that appeal to young people.