Mom jeans make a comeback

Photo via flickr under Creative Commons license.

Photo via flickr under Creative Commons license.

Grace Esposito, Staff Writer

Of all the fashion trends that are making comebacks, mom jeans seem to be one of the most popular trends despite once being the, ahem, butt of fashion jokes.

Mom jeans, or high-rise jeans, were fashionable mostly in the ’80s and ’90s, but in the early 2000s fashion moved in the opposite direction, with people favoring tight, low-rise jeans. Mom jeans soon became only worn by older women, usually moms, coining the nickname mom jeans.

But now it seems comfort is back in style as young adult women and teenage girls are wearing the jeans again.

Teens like sophomores Gemma Gurcak and Jennifer Renk wear mom jeans often and enjoy this fashion trend.

“They are comfortable yet still stylish, so my friends and I like to wear them,” Gurcak said.

Mom jeans tend to be not only more comfortable but more flattering than the low-rise, tight skinny jeans.

With mom jeans, crop tops have also become popular. This jeans style also allows different ways to wear tops such as tucking them in, which accentuates the wearer’s waist.

“Mom jeans are just comfortable and I like the way they look with tops,” Renk said.

For a long time moms were made fun of for their jeans as their comfort was seen as unstylish and just a way to cover insecurities.  Mom jeans were seen as the more conservative, “uncool” type of jeans.

For most kids today, mom jeans are just a fashion trend that everyone is wearing.  Kids aren’t really aware that mom jeans once were made fun of.

With a lot of the ’90s fashions coming back, like chokers and just pretty much all things denim, it’s not surprising that mom jeans are back in style.