Velvet is making a comeback


Photo via flickr under Creative Commons license.

Jenny Joyce, Staff Writer

Walking through the hallways at school, it’s common to see students wearing velvet clothing.

Velvet clothing has made it to school dances, everyday clothing, and even as scrunchies in people’s hair. This fashion trend, which dates back to the Middle Ages, is now back for sure.

This has been a popular trend in the fall and winter months, and with the arrival of spring, this trend will carry on with shorter sleeves, shirts, tank tops and brighter colors.

In clothing stores it’s almost guaranteed to find some type of velvet clothing. Stores such as Nordstrom, Forever 21, Macy’s and Victoria’s Secret are common places to find velvet clothing.

Freshman Kiera Nye owns a variety of velvet clothing.

“Velvet clothing is comfortable and cute. It’s a great trend that hopefully lasts a long time,” Nye said. “I mean how many shirts can you find that are dressy and cute but comfortable at the same time.”

Velvet isn’t just seen as clothing but also on purses, backpacks and other items as well. The famous and popular shoe brand Vans has released a line of velvet shoes in its famous different styles and colors so everyone can find their own style.

Students today may have first known velvet just as a fabric for sewing. Now, though, it’s a popular trend that many children, teens and adults wear.

Freshman Katelyn Mondello owns not just velvet clothing but a velvet backpack.

“I love how unique velvet items are and I plan on wearing velvet clothes this summer,” Mondello said.

“I buy my velvet clothes from Forever 21 because they have a wide range you can choose from, whether it’s the style or color of the clothing item you’re looking for, and I love how affordable it is.”