Letter writers support Parkland students

Nick Pouch and Nathan Breisinger

Baldwin students who want to express support for students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida can write letters outside the cafeterias during lunch periods through today.

Sophomore Abby Fowler started this project on Tuesday for an AIU Leadership apprenticeship that is run through Point Park University.

The Parkland shooting “was a concern from our group,” Fowler said. “We were more focused on what we believe in.”

About 70 Baldwin students walked out of class briefly last week in support of Parkland and changes in gun laws, while several students expressed opposition to the walkout online.

In the letters being written outside the cafe, students will be able to express their sympathy for the victims and their support for the survivors. They also may express political views if they choose to do so, senior Kaleigh Varney said.

“Students can interpret the letters anyway they want,” Varney said.

Three letters were turned in on Tuesday but more are expected to come in for today due to the snow day Wednesday, Fowler said.

“We are expecting around 20 letters today,” Fowler said.

Staff Writers Jack O’Brien and Mitch Davis contributed to this report.