Queer Eye lives up to original show


Elizabeth Solenday, Copy Chief

In 2003, a television show called Queer Eye for the Straight Guy broke barriers by having a group of five gay men do fashion and lifestyle makeovers for straight men.

It quickly became a cultural phenomenon, with each man from the “Fab 5” having expertise in his own specific area: fashion, food and wine, culture/lifestyle, interior design, and grooming.

Netflix has decided to bring back the show, now called just Queer Eye, with a new cast and a 2018 twist.

These makeovers go deeper than changes in appearance. The new show also aims to change the way its “heroes” — the men who get a makeover — face the world, through growth like gaining a new point of view, or developing more confidence.

For the remake, the show’s producers choose its subjects not as single men living in New York City, but men in America’s Deep South, including some who have families.

In one of the episodes, the hero is a white police officer who engages in a conversation about the Black Lives Matter movement with a member of the Fab 5 who is black. At the end of the conversation, the men are able to see both sides of the issue and they change their points of view on it.   

At the end of each episode, the Fab 5 see how their “heroes” have carried on with what the Fab 5 has taught them.  

The stories of the heroes’ changes, both physically and mentally, are the most gratifying part of the show, and make this a series worth watching.