Peter Rabbit brings new spin on old classic


Cassie Snyder, Staff Writer

For children and adults alike, the new live-action Peter Rabbit movie will bring lots of smiles and laughs.

The movie follows the classic tale of Peter Rabbit, his three sisters and cousin Benjamin  sneaking into their grumpy neighbor’s garden, based off the books by Beatrix Potter. But the new movie puts a more modern twist on the classic story, adding new characters and plot elements while still keeping the innocent, adorable tone of the original.

The new movie adds more human interaction than the original story, with the new characters of Mr. McGregor’s’ nephew, who takes over the garden, and Bea, a loving neighbor who takes care of the bunnies and is based on the author herself, Beatrix Potter.  

The beautiful scenery of the English countryside and the adorable animation will give audience members a nostalgic feeling of childhood and springtime.

While it is similar to most new children’s movies today, Peter Rabbit includes humor, scenery, and lovable characters that help make it an enjoyable movie for all ages.