Band classes think outside the box for second year

Staff Writers Abby Fowler and Sarah Watkins discuss new music trends.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Staff Writers Abby Fowler and Sarah Watkins discuss new music trends.

Jennifer Joyce and Cassie Snyder

When students think of traditional band concerts, they envision students wearing black and white, sitting on stage playing songs the audience doesn’t know. But the Music Out of the Box concert is different.

Thursday will be the second annual Music Out of the Box concert, which incorporates all bands and orchestras in grades six through twelve. The event kicks off Music in Our Schools Month.

The concert does not just incorporate music elements but elements of all art, such as a live painting by art students taking place on stage during one of the songs.

“The goal of this concert is to incorporate other aspects into our music pieces to make it more engaging to our audience,” band Director Greg Steele said.

This year also will feature an original piece written by a symphonic band member and sophomore Nick Murawski; special effects with lighting and a fog machine; the entire band playing “Stars And Stripes Forever”  with kazoos, and dancing by sophomore Julia Lombardi and senior Sam Jurczyk to a medley of songs from the musical “Chicago” — along with many more surprises.  

“Its is going to really fun, interesting and different. The audience will really enjoy it,” band member and senior Paige Humphreys said.

The first Music Out of the Box concert, held last year, featured elements such as hula hoopers, a live video of the planet Jupiter during the song titled “Jupiter,” ballroom dancers in costume to music from “Beauty and the Beast,” and during music from “The Incredibles,” there was an opportunity for audience members to electronically share their “dream superpower,” which appeared on a screen onstage.