Digital Learning Day educates students

Digital Learning Day educates students

Jessica Abt and Jelena Winowich

Most students know that Google Docs offers only a limited number of fonts and no emojis, but these issues easily can be fixed with simple add-ons or extensions.

Students in Michelle Kilburn’s Intro to Business class learned about the different types of add-ons that are available during a session in the atrium today that was part of Digital Learning Day.

Digital Learning Day is a nationwide event dedicated to celebrating the innovative use of technology in transforming education.

“It is meant to get the classrooms involved and using technology in a new kind of way,” Kilburn said.

The Business Computer Information Technology Department organized the high school’s participation in Digital Learning Day. Classes such as Web Design, Sports Management, Intro to Business, and other technology classes participated today.

Junior Colton Barr, a student in Kilburn’s class, appreciated the effort.

“Digital learning is very important because of the way the world is becoming more technology based,” Barr said.

More details about the national Digital Learning Day can be found at: